The future of connected security technology

The Messe Frankfurt Operation and Security Centre (OSC) is a high-end control centre in which all security and safety technologies are bundled.

Connecting different technologies and disciplines in the field of securing buildings and sensitive infrastructures is the great challenge for building owners, architects as well as planners and installers. The complexity of the tasks is multiplied by the requirements for IT and data security as well as questions of data protection and compliance with privacy rights. In this respect, also liability and the assumption of after-sales services for the purpose of remote monitoring (Security as a Service, SaaS) as well as the maintenance of efficiency and sustainability will be challenging tasks for the industry.

Industry, research and politics are challenged in their competence at the interface of technical feasibility, individual security requirements, social acceptance and daily relevance.

The Intersec Forum takes up these current developments, questions and challenges and discusses them publicly by experts for experts under the title "Security meets Smart Building".

The high-ranking conference will take place in close cooperation with the ZVEI - Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e.V. (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association).

The market for electronic security technology

ZVEI is cooperation partner of the Intersec Forum: Here is the 2017 market survey on the market for electronic security technology executed by the ZVEI Security Association and BHE associations as of June 2018.

The market for electronic security technology in Germany again showed stable growth in 2017. The turnover of the companies has increased by 6.1 percent to almost 4.2 billion euros compared to the previous year, reports the ZVEI Security Association.

The industry expects a stable, upward trend for the future as well. The ZVEI Security Association sees strategic growth perspectives in the digitisation and connectivity of security technology with other trades and in service orientation.

Growth is recorded in all segments: Above all, sales of fire alarm technology – still the largest segment of safety technology and heavily dependent on the construction industry – rose by eight percent to almost two billion euros in 2017. Access management systems are also recording strong growth, with growth of over seven percent to just under 330 million euros. Video technology has grown strongly under the impression of the security debate with an increase of almost six percent to 540 million euros, as has voice alarm technology with an increase of six percent to 106 million euros. Sales growth for robbery and burglary alarm systems was somewhat more restrained at 3.8 percent. The smoke and heat ventilation systems, call systems according to DIN VDE 0834 and other systems and components trades recorded stable development.

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