Intersec Forum: Video Surveillance & Access Control

The interaction of camera, video and access control technologies is the key to building security, especially at the interface to IP-based devices. However, operators should also focus on the data-safe and GDPR compliant evaluation of documented data, especially when it comes to monitoring in public spaces.

Jochen Sauer, Axis Communications

Jochen Sauer, BD Manager at Axis Communications, presented the intelligent interaction of security technology at entrances and exits in 2018. Using the example of a museum in Einbek, the audience was able to experience the efficient, manufacturer-independent interlocking of PoE (Power-over-Ethernet), a standardized process for supplying network terminals with power via the network cable, structured cabling and standardized protocols.


Markus Wierny, ONVIF

Markus Wierny, Chairman of the Technical Services Committee of the open industry standard for network monitoring products ONVIF, showed the range of possible applications, especially at the interface to IP-based end devices.

Frank Horst, EHI Retail Institut

Frank Horst, Head of Security + Inventory Differences at the EHI Retail Institute, spoke about the use of cameras in the retail trade: "Fields of application here are primarily the deterrence and prevention of theft (motivation among 95% of the retailers surveyed by the EHI). The potentially wide range of control and monitoring options is being examined very closely by retailers in terms of cost-benefit considerations, and in terms of purchase, the question of simple and practical handling: "The benefits of video surveillance increase significantly as immediate action and intervention can be taken”.

Sebastian Zillinger, Hessian State Criminal Police Office

Sebastian Zillinger stepped in for Michael Dormann of the Hessian State Criminal Police Office on the subject of video surveillance in public space and addressed the recommendations for action for the installation and operation of video surveillance systems..

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